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I followed the directions and didn't use more than directed, and I didn't keep it on my face for any extra amount of time. I'm left wondering where this product has been all my life. It is now going to be a staple in my skin care system.

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I have cystic acne and I have suffered from horrible scars since age 11 I started using this product not even two months ago and my scars have dramatically faded before I had extremely dark contrast between the scars and the unaffected areas of my skin but now I don't even wear foundation or concealer over them most days,I would honestly say I have seen about a 85 percent reduction in the amount of scarring I have I am going to see a esthetician for the remaining scars so I can eliminate them but for someone who literally wore almost theater makeup because my dark spots were so embarrassing and obvious this product is honestly a lifesaver only caveat I have is its very sticky so make sure your hair doesn't get caught in it otherwise its pure gold.

Do you read everything on the packet when you buy a product? When it says it can go on my face, I accept that it can go on my face. Do you expect the product to chemically burn red lines across your lips? Well, this one did. Only later did I read the bland instruction, tacked on somewhere in the blather, that you shouldn't get this near your lips.

I bought this five years ago. I used it -- what, twice? No more than that. Only now, with the assiduous application of zinc oxide, is the red outline on my lips diminishing. Any chemical capable of damaging healthy skin and creating unresponsive ongoing hyperpigmentation should have been lit up in neon lights, so to speak: Instead it was treated as if a boring part of an ingredient list.

Avoid this product like the plague. This is my favorite Olay product and I've been faithful for about 20yrs.

When my skin feels dull or dry I use this and immediately it makes my skin supple, smooth, and refreshed. Its 2 step process where you rub the orange crystals on the skin gently for a minute and then you rub the clear serum onto the skin which dissolves the crystals and ends up feeling luxurious solution you are massaging into your skin. Rinse and reveal glowing, fresh face! I love this product! Sadly I dont have a picture before I started using this but the first three pictures are mid-purge about a month into using this product and the last two are the most recent today a month and a half later after those three pics.

Ive had closed comedones since I was teens. I never really knew they were acne I just honestly thought my skin was rugged and damaged. After doing research I bought this kit along with the Olay facial brush and Murad cleanser and I think it was just for me! I used this product twice a week and it automatically made my skin feel drier and softer my face is really oily. A month into this product I started to purge.

I wanted to cry.

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I wanted to pop every pimple in sight. As you can see from my first three photos it literally looked like I had pimple on top of pimples.

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You can see from the forehead photo that my skin looks like terrain from the Grand Canyon and even the fourth picture doesnt look as bad as the first one; my skin improved through perseverance of constantly using these products. Some of my acne marks lightened up with the constant exfoliation and my skin isnt as oily as before! I didnt notice my progress until the purging slowed down and my best friend said it looked significantly better. As for the actual application of the kit. The serum when mixed with the scrub will give your face a warming sensation. Frankly I loved it but its nothing to be scared of.

The products I used and how they might help you like they helped me: The Olay brush is personally my version of a Clarisonic dupe and it felt nice on my face like a mini massage! The foam brush that comes with it is useless to me though. I would use the Olay Microdermabrasion Kit twice a week I had set days like wednesdays and sats.


Im not here to promote those other products but combinations of those products may help you all out like it did for me! Its a sign your skin is finally getting penetrated deep enough to start opening those pores and make those close comedones open! I am no dermatologist I am just some 20 something year old who got fed up of their skin and decided to do anything I could to improve it. Do NOT subscribe and save- it is cheaper to purchase when you need it. I received a shipment on Sept. I would have hoped that as a customer who is purchasing this product regularly via the subscribe and "save" I would get a much fairer price.

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The Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion product works very well. After using it my skin is feels softer and any serums applied to my skin are absorbed nicely.

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